Postive team environment (PTE)

Understand that coaches are human and will make mistakes.  Talk about your concerns and we will all work together to address them.  The quickest way to bring down a program is through negativity and expectations that your athlete requires more attention than another. All athletes are part of the team and will receive the same level of attention regardless of skills & abilities.

We are a team and we need to positively support each other.   It is so important to build up the team that helps athletes train & prepare, picks them up when they are down and celebrates with them when they find success.  This environment is in the best interest of the kids.  Wrestling is a hard sport – physically, mentally and emotionally . It is our mission to set up an environment that gives these athletes this positive reinforcement. 

Role of Coaches v. Parent.  For those parents in the unique position of coaching their athletes, this is a vital/delicate role that you should not cross.  Your relationship with your child is more important than any match, tournament or competition.  Remember that before making any comments (good or bad) about their performance that you need to act as a parent and not a coach.  Even when you are trying to be positive, there is sometimes damage that can be done (making excuses for a loss, blaming a loss on a referee, etc).  You just need to tell them you are proud of them.  Remember – it is always about them.  Do not try to live vicariously through them.  At this stage, the most important things are team unity, loyalty and developing a passion and commitment to their craft (in this case, wrestling). 

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